Research interests

Currently, I am a postdoc at the Weierstrass Institute (WIAS) in Berlin. My research interests include

  • radial basis functions,
  • numerical methods for (convection dominated) PDEs,
  • finite volume and Scharfetter-Gummel schemes,
  • high-performance simulation of semiconductor devices.

During my DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford, I developed and analysed meshfree multilevel methods to solve PDEs. For these methods, I was able to prove convergence and stability results. My project was supervised by Prof. Holger Wendland and Dr. Kathryn Gillow.

Previously, I completed a Diplom at the University of Hamburg, where I examined under the supervision of Prof. Armin Iske how radial basis functions could be used in computed tomography.


Conference and invited talks


  • TA for Scientific Computing for DPhil students II (one set), University of Oxford, TT 2013
  • TA for Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations, University of Oxford, MT 2012
  • TA for Numerical Analysis, University of Oxford, HT 2012
  • TA for Numerical Analysis, University of Oxford, HT 2011
  • TA and tutor for Analysis I, University of Hamburg, winter semester 2009/2010